Sunday, April 5, 2015

Colton turns ONE!

One year has never felt so short.

Colton, you've grown up so fast.  Maybe it's because you have 3 siblings to teach you, and maybe it's because I've wished you to stay little....
either way, your infancy is behind you already,
and with tears welled up in my eyes,
I am trying to put into words just how much we love being blessed with you!

You are brimming with personality already!
You love to laugh with whoever is laughing, and wave to and kiss those who say good-bye.

Most endearing of all your traits, little man, you are a hugger.
Wrapping your chubby little arms around someones neck and snuggling-in is the move: 
melted hearts are the result.

And although you give out lots of this baby boy, you still love mommy the most.  I'm not complaining, nor do I want to give up my preferred status anytime soon.  I know this won't last.  
So, I will come when you call.  
I will let you snuggle right in.

Sweet, Sweet Boy.

You are ONE in a MILLION.

We celebrated your birthday with a WHOLE LOT of family...
can you believe you belong with this rowdy bunch?

Grandpa Bob manned the Fish Fryer

and we continued the fish theme from the cakes

 to the balloons...

with a big family like ours, 
you get to celebrate your birthday with lots of your cousins too

We all LOVE you so much, Colty!



Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Best Pencil Sharpener Ever

I'm sure you think my post title is an exaggeration.  You may even think that someone paid me to say that....

Let me get to the point.
The perfectly sharpened, pencil point, that is.

The Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener is not only amazingly EASY to use, but it sharpens pencils perfectly. Every. Single. Time.

I was first introduced to this life changing contraption at my sister's house.  They have 4 kiddos too...just a little bit older than ours though, so all in school...meaning they know a thing or two about pencils (lots of homework). My brother-in-law gave this pencil sharpener rave reviews, and my nephew and nieces all showed me how it works.

Since we had been using a little hand held sharpener in our house and therefore breaking pencils left and right....I knew we needed this in our lives.  It was so exciting, we even started sharpening our colored pencils too!

I was actually about to order one directly, but I stumbled upon the opportunity to review it for you.  SO LUCKY me...and LUCKY YOU! 

If you have children that use pencils at all, this must be in your home. 

Just look at these tips!

The sharpener feeds the pencil in itself and never over sharpens.  I'm telling you no lies my friends.
Watch this short little video and see how it works:

One more perk:  It's quiet.  In our house, the decibel level of a pencil sharpener is hardly an issue...LOL!  But, I'm sure it is an awesome perk for the classroom.  

If I've peeked your interest at all...go visit the website:  Classroom Friendly Supplies and look around.  They have multiple colors to choose from...which makes no difference in pencil sharpness, but they are fun to look at :)

Disclaimer:  I was only given this product for an honest review.  ( don't tell them I would have bought it anyway...let's just keep that between us) ;)


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